Found Audio is a Boston based band lead by guitarist/vocalist John Bragg.  The other members are Denny Kennedy on drums (who also recorded and mixed Locomotive Earth), Charlie Ray on keyboards and synthesizer, Brendan O'Brien on banjo, and Linnea Herzog on bass.  Everyone lends vocals throughout the album, as well.

John has been a prolific local musician for the better part of ten years, lending his guitar sounds to such other acts as Ruby Rose Fox and Power Slut, but focusing his own song writing into Found Audio.  While the majority of Locomotive Earth was recorded between 2012 and 2015, parts were written and recorded over ten years ago (the vocal line to Bad Conscience is a much younger John). And of course, we were still recording as we forced ourselves to wrap up the process, getting in one more session, again and again, to test out an idea.  

Locomotive Earth is an album that aimed to embrace experimentation.  The cohesion of the album is tied to the sounds and impulses found in its songs.  These twelve songs are a product of years of trial, error, recording, re-recording, and re-recording, stolen microphones, broken computers, broken equipment, 3am recording sessions, beer, depression, fighting, introspection.   


Recommended if you like : Wilco, The Meat Puppets, The Pixies, The Replacements.


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Twitter: @foundaudio

Facebook: /foundaudio

Release Date - October 16, 2015

Moody lyrical imagery is at once lovely and fretful... richly rewarding
— Jonathan Perry, The Boston Globe
These guys really get off with the whole alternative-country crossover thing and do a damn good job with it too
— Will Barry, The Noise
Organic blueprint with ripe, inviting acoustic guitar rhythms and deep, passionate vocals that throb with authenticity as soon as you hear it.
— Pete Amara,
Absolutely hypnotic...traditional sounds gone off to explore strange new galaxies
— Julie Stoller, Boston Survival Guide