Found Audio is comprised of fifty fingers and ten palms, five livers, four mouths, four legs, and brain matter.  With these extremities/organs, Found Audio manipulates man made wooden and metal instruments to make sound, through electricity or pure violent force. 

In 2011, Found Audio recorded their first album.  This album was Chalk.  It has a play-time of 47 minutes, and it was written, recorded (with borrowed microphones), and mixed by the band themselves.  After the albums tour, half of the band split due to rising tensions between members.  Singer/guitarist/songwriter John Bragg and drummer Denny Kennedy went on.

In 2012, Found Audio recruited a new bassist (Linnea Herzog), and instead of replacing the second guitar, added a keyboard/synthesizer (Charlie Ray) and a banjo (Brendan O'Brien) instead.  They started recording their second album.  

In late 2012, John Bragg's brother-in-law, who was lending us the use of his microphones and assisting in the early stages of recording, was robbed.  The day after moving to a new location with his wife and baby, a unknown group of people entered the house through an opened window during the day and proceeded to steal every unpacked box there was.  Tens of thousands of dollars of musical equipment and microphones included.

In mid 2013, while setting up some microphones for an early morning drum recording session, the fully-extended boom of a room mic stand slowly turned ninety degrees in place, and, with the weight of a Neuman U47 hanging feet from the center of the stand,  it all came down hard, smack-dab on the face of the laptop they were using to record everything, and then knocking it to the ground. The hard drive was ruined, and the previous month of recorded files, not yet backed up, were lost.   

They started the recording process again.  In 2015,  after two more years of recording, the album is finished. 




John Bragg- Mouth, Microphone, Fingers, Palms, Guitar, Leg, Distortions

Pete Omalyev - Mouth, Microphone, Fingers, Palms, Bass Guitar, Leg, Distortions

Joe Bouchard - Mouth, Microphone, Fingers, Keys

Tim Brown - Mouth, Microphone, Fingers, Palms, Banjo

Denny Kennedy - Fingers, Palms, Sticks, Legs, Drums