Found Audio is comprised of fifty fingers and ten palms, five livers, four mouths, four legs, and brain matter.  With these extremities, Found Audio manipulates man made wooden and metal instruments to make sound, through electricity or pure violent force. 

In 2011, Found Audio broke the world record for fastest recorded album in history.  This album was Chalk.  It has a play-time of 47 minutes, and it was written, practiced, recorded, mixed, mastered, printed, sold, and shipped in 19 seconds.

In 2014, Found Audio is recording for their new album.  Tentatively titled "Locomotive Earth", it is planned to be released later on in the year. 











John Bragg- Mouth, Microphone, Fingers, Palms, Guitar, Leg, Distortions

Linnea Herzog - Mouth, Microphone, Fingers, Palms, Bass Guitar, Leg, Distortions

Charlie Ray - Mouth, Microphone, Fingers, Keys

Brendan O'Brien - Mouth, Microphone, Fingers, Palms, Banjo

Denny Kennedy - Fingers, Palms, Sticks, Legs, Drums